Month: February 2016

Aesthetic: A La Fin

In all honesty, I chose the New Aesthetic module because I didn’t want to be lumped into a big group if I chose one of the newer modules. Regardless, I also chose to do the history of aestheticism because I kinda didn’t know what in tarnation New Aestheticism was. And, you know, you have to know your roots and your… Read more →

Aesthetic: Head to Head

So, have we lost the kind of aesthetic Plato and Aristotle and all the other philosophers tried to present? Plato’s aesthetic focused on the concept of beauty. There was a universal beauty that was and simply is. Beauty was beauty whether that made sense or not. And it kind of doesn’t. Aristotle observed beauty through the eyes of those that… Read more →

Aesthetic: Nowadays

Aesthetic nowadays is more simplified, at least in the eyes of the people that most use the term. And according to Urban Dictionary, those people tend to be Tumblr users. Aesthetic is, apparently, “Something that tumblr weirdo’s say way too often and use it for every damn thing under the sun. A generally annoying word.” Of course, Urban Dictionary is… Read more →

Aesthetic: Back in the Day

The term “aesthetic” and its original concept began in Greece. It started out as a philosophy and that philosophy was beauty. Because, you know, Athenians were well known for their art and culture and their beautiful aesthetic, if you will. Aestheticism to them was the study and theory behind beauty and all that encompassed it. They sought to understand why… Read more →

How to Neuromancer

Alright, so, explaining Neuromancer is kinda hard. It has a lot going on and explaining it through gifs may not have been the easiest task. Regardless, I think we did ok. Our initial idea was explaining the plot through gifs but I think that got lost a bit after the first day working on it. But, I think we still… Read more →

Freedom in Neuromancer

So, freedom in Neuromancer isn’t as clear cut as it is in Braveheart. It’s a bit more complicated than fighting people that want to oppress you. Throughout the novel, characters are actively trying to be free of something or are trying to be freer in general. However, there seems to be a contradiction. The more free they try to be,… Read more →

The End Credits

Ok, so. I’ve discovered that now I don’t like Twine or¬†Inklewriter. Twine had its bad points like the fact that its mapping was fidgety and the html was rather confusing and hard to get right. The one thing I hated the most was the fact that I had no way to keep choices from the reader/player. Well, there was a… Read more →