Digi Arch: The Friendship Circle

That digital archaeology project was no joke. I have a new found respect towards people who build machines and devices and actually know what each and every part does. I don’t understand how people can actually build their own computers and enjoy it. But, anyway, we got the project finished with a few bumps here and there but those were easily fixed. Getting our Samsung Galaxy S4 apart was easier said than done. We had to find the right screw drivers and thin enough edges to get to the good stuff.

Overall, we worked together pretty well. It was kind of slow in the beginning but that was mostly because of awkwardness and a lack of communication which was easily fixed when we were finally able to touch base. We met together twice to work on the project together, deciding on which website to use and helping each other find the right info and resources for our pieces. The Think Lab was a great help to us even if we only used like one screw driver. Bethanna was never able to meet with us outside of class because she was sick or she had work but she still identified her pieces of the phone and shared it with everyone.

There was no infighting or disagreements, only suggestions and helpful quips. We all worked efficiently and supportively (if that’s a word) with no one pushing anyone else to work faster. Our group was laid back and casual and talkative when we got distracted :D. We worked smoothly and there was no stress to get things done. I honestly don’t have any problems worth noting and everyone contributed nicely.

Here’s our beautiful website

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