Digital Identity 2: Digital Identity Harder


My digital footprint hasn’t really changed since the last time I took inventory. Though, I do have one more subdomain than I previously did. I still peruse Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube with the occasional sojourn into Twitter and Pinterest. I blog on the occasion and when I mean occasion, I mean very rarely. I often Facebook stalk people and I’m not ashamed to admit that because everyone has done it at least once. On Tumblr, I rarely make personal posts and instead reblog everything I can find. YouTube is probably my main mode of laptop social media only because YouTube has effectively become my TV. Though, even then, I only watch videos. I don’t comment that frequently.



I’m a ghost on these sites. People may know me by whatever username I come up with (often a video game or literary reference) but I’m not active in their respective communities. It reflects how I am in real life. I’m more of an observer than a performer or “pot stirrer”. It might be because I don’t exactly like people. I’m not anti-social. I’d just much rather be by myself in my room than at a party. I don’t believe my participation has changed within these sites from the beginning of the semester to now. Though, my “activity” hasn’t changed in years so that doesn’t surprise me.



Compared to my currently active subdomain, my presence on these sites is very informal and barely there. My digital studies subdomain is more colorful and “louder” than how I am on other websites. Here, I am more flamboyant and expressive. I mean, I actually communicate as opposed to just watch. Of course, you need to communicate when it’s your own blog but I express more here than I do on YouTube. I suppose the thing that changed the most about my digital presence is my formality. For some reason, I started not caring as much about structure and professionalism. I did whatever I felt like while, of course, doing what I was supposed to. It’s hard to explain but I’m less restrictive. Should I put 10 gifs in a post? Sure, why not? This change helped me see that one’s voice matters more than conforming. It’s your domain or it’s your YouTube account. Do whatever you want with it.   Fight the man, man.



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