This is My Introductory Post

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Here I am, explaining my website. So, let me explain. I first had to create a website for my DS106 class, Digital Storytelling. That is what the main domain is. I have a bunch of crap I don’t feel like moving from there so that’s why my DS101 class gets stuck with a subdomain. Ok. That sounds really lazy but what I mean is that there is A LOT of stuff on my main domain and I have no idea how to even begin moving that anywhere so I thought it would be easier to dedicate everything to a subdomain. I think it’ll be alright. Some categories over here and some tags over there and we got ourselves some good old organization. Bada bing bada boom.


Because of DS106 and my Intro to Creative Writing class, I’m not new to UMW blogs or Domain of One’s Own. I figured out WordPress a while ago. I had to go through all the ‘huh?”s and squinting at my screen last year so I feel like I’m a veteran.


As you can see, I’ve also mastered the Giphy.

Anyway, I decided on Word press because it’s easy to use, at least to me. I’m already used to it and it’s very familiar. I think it’s the only format I’ve used for any of my UMW websites. I want this website to reflect who I am: which is amazing. Well, I want it to be laid back or chill and I think I’m doing ok so far. My website is 2001 a Space Odyssey themed. If you couldn’t tell. Why you ask? Because classic. And it was the first thing that came to mind. So hopefully I don’t run out of references to it or I’ll start using Tron or any other classics I can think of.

I’m using the beautiful Arcade theme because I think it’s very eye-catching. The first thing you see if that header and picture and that in itself is an introduction. It’s like BLAM. Welcome to my website. It was easy putting it together. I just searched up its lovely title and added it in. I had to get rid of the arc because my title was too long and I removed another Meta section from the secondary jumbo header.

All of this was almost not possible because I reached my data quota for Domain of One’s Own. I had to get rid of two of my subdomains (RIP) and delete a ton of files from my main account’s file manager (some of which I think were important). I even contacted the Digital Knowledge Center for help but a few seconds later I figured out how to fix it by myself. Typical.

But overall, I’m looking forward to the rest of this semester and hopefully my website will appear just as fun as I want it to.

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